'Vic Meyer: Neighbourhood Crime Watch' by Aceba

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Vic Meyer: Neighbourhood Crime Watch
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The Crime Movie
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Started off very strong, sticking a few big laughs with the audience, which was good. Despite being limited technically, this team embraced what they knew and went with it, with varying results. The aerial shot, for example, didn't quite fit with the doco style film they were creating. Thought the use of character in this one was one of the strongest. However felt that after the halfway point, the film lost a bit of it's 'just go with it!' charm, and the ending was a bit stale.

However, this was one of my favourites of the heat, and showed great comedic potential. A team to watch, in my opinion.


Absolutely hilarious! The lead actor was great to watch, and when the film finished I wanted to see more.


Cute effort from young cast and crew. Loved the accent of the main lead. Its charm lies in the naivety of the film makers.


Mostly funny, the end was a bit weak, neighbourhood watch goes awry in this mockumentary. A manic Vic runs around the streets 'protecting them' as part of the neighbourhood watch. Not a bad film, got quite a few laughs and had a nice aerial shot (I presume a quad copter or heli?)


Good way to start the night, while definitely not the best of the night, was definitely one of the more enjoyable. Solid, quirky effort, with a strong performance by the lead. Hope this guy gets an acting nom, he held the piece together with a really funny, quirky performance.


This film had a definite touch of the Ricky Gervais or Alan Partridges about it if you know British comedy. Really great dry humour and the central character of Vic was established well early. I feel like the 'twist' could have been a little more 'twisty' but I really enjoyed it and laughed lots! These guys clearly have heaps of potential and lots of years to perfect their craft. Well done guys!


This one gave me some good laughs. Mockumentary following a goober ex police accountant who has decided to become a crime fighting vigilante. It was a great character created. Some great nods to big films in this genre. His obsessiveness and enthusiasm but also his defensiveness about his credentials was beautifully carried off by the actor. But the one problem was of course the ages of the characters didn't relate and unfortunately you can't quite get away with this as easily as you can in a school theatre production


This film was funny. Let down by production values but otherwise I rather liked it. Lead actor made me laugh, and the superfluous fence jump was classic


A mockumentary about a dedicated accountant-turned-neighbourhood-watchman.

Audio: 3/5
Video: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2.5/5

Pros: It had some pretty funny moments. There was a great leap over a fence and a Cluedo gag which got a lot of laughs. The scripting was great in places and the main actor was appropriately overdone. While the age of the main character didn't fit the actor, it didn't actually bother me in this case.

Cons: It felt a bit long in places, and a bit more attention could have perhaps been paid to the way it was shot (lighting, framing etc.). The ending was pretty well anticipated by the time we got there, which ruined the reveal.

Overall: A good attempt. A bit more planning and storyboarding might have helped this film, and perhaps a more unique twist on the ending.


A dockumentary about Viv Meyer, a once time accountant for the police force, now a Neighbourhood Crime Watch...errr watcher. This short was admirably carried by the lead who's mix of awkwardness and gung-ho made the audience care and laugh along the way. The gags about mistreating his wife were funny, and the montage homage of him trying to solve the case a la Sherlock Holmes was a nice touch. Production wise there were a few gaffs (though I'm not sure if the cameraman's shadows was intentional or not :P), sound quality was definitely an issue, and the ending seemed a bit rushed. All in all a good attempt and like all 48hr movies should, it looked liked they had a lot of fun making it. Well done!


Started out ok but lost its way by the end. The lead was a bit of a dick but that was what was good about the film. A bit more practice and these guys could start making some genuinely funny films.


Good use of humour and comedic performances. Nice silly little mystery story. Music well deployed, sound could have been better.


The production value was apparently lacking in this one, but still managed to be funny at times.

Good work by the lead actor.