'The Sock Gap' by The Right Royal Rovers

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The Sock Gap
The Immobolised Movie
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First place for disturbing watch in our heat, this was an extremely brave effort from a skinny white lad. Hilarious and cringe worthy all at the same time. It had its technical faults but they almost lent to the film more than detracted. The shower scene was one of the funniest things I've ever covered my face while watching. The lack of a specific story dragged out the film a bit and it might have been better to end it sooner so that the crowd can't get used to it. Can't wait to see what you come up with next year!


I have been to every heat this year and I can say at this point, this movie made me laugh the hardest. You guys beat the other rovers hands down, I hope you had a wager on it!

Sure there is no real story, but not all art has to have a point. This is like a fever wet-dream from the mind of a wonderful narcissist. The poor production values enhanced rather than detracted. I would have given a 10 star rating but I want you guys to go even further next year.


Ok, I have been to about 90% of the heats and this has to be the most disturbing, funny, bizarre and all round oddest film I have seen.

The ping pong balls, the cream, the shower, the police, the, the, the everything. But I couldn't stop laughing and being grossed out at the same time.


The Scouts, what can I say... What can anyone say... My team went out for drinks after this and your film was discussed over refreshments for hours. How hard is it to wash off condensed milk? You guys are brave, the main lead was brave (he know's that's going to be edited and dropped onto YouTube right)? Perhaps the camera lingered a little long at crotch height for many in the audience but hey. My advice would be that once you go off the rails (and have a character disintegrate in that one room) then you don't gain anything by adding in story and additional shots. Just go crazy (you were basically there) and focus on his antics in that room, in that shower... edit it tighter and just drop it in the audiences lap and let them deal with it. You might not win, but it'll be fun to watch them squirm. A question for you, you managed to avoid the dreaded musical genre, then put in a song & dance scene... why?


Way too much focus on the guy's penis. It was a good premise though and the team could have made a funnier film than the one they landed up producing. Usage of sexual deviance is a cheap way to attract attention. The last shot was quite funny, the end not so much. Better quality expected. Perhaps a nominee for a WTF Award this year.


Funny at times and served it's purpose as the oddest film of the heat.


This kid will either become the next Spielberg or be living out of a cardboard box by the time he hits 25. Genius....kinda!