'Last Man Standing' by Oi, Girl.

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Last Man Standing
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The Immobolised Movie
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Although this was a nice idea for immobilised, if you've seen the New Zealand movie "Show of Hands" before, which a person I know happened to be in, it would be hard to imagine that this is nothing less than a complete rip off. Its just way too similar. And well if it wasn't a rip off, then well you should get out and support New Zealand cinema more and then you'd know this exact film has been done before and done better. Having said that it was nicely shot and had reasonable production ethics, the acting was alright, but some of the solutions chosen for getting rid of contestants seemed rather weak. Anyway grumble. Try to come up with something original next year guys, although there's a saying that nothing is, but at least something could be changed.


I liked that you stuck with the immobilised theme here and you had a good range of characters.

I agree with rapture addict on most points so won't repeat but I didn't think of it as a rip off, just a retelling maybe (and yes I did see the movie in question). Well done and good luck for next year.


Nice idea and i could see how hard it was to film in that rain :)
it would be mech better if it has more production value but its all about telling story and i liked nice little story.

Video 3/5
Audio 2.5/5
Story 3.5/5


I haven't seen the other film that is mentioned above so to me at least I thought this was a clever and interesting take on the immobilised theme. The lead actress was had some pretty funny moments. I liked the bit at the end with the keys, funny way to finish. And I have to add, big props to you guys for sticking it out all night in the rain. Production value could have been better, had a home movie feel to it which worked when the reporter went "off camera" but didn't carry to the parts that were suppose to be televised reports. I think the story was probably a bit too ambitious in that to introduce and systematically get rid of 5 characters in a believable manner was always going to be hard and as a result some of them seemed a bit rushed.