'Brothers in Arms' by No Hobbies

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Brothers in Arms
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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There were some real hilarious moments in this film. Particularly the scenes in the car with the motivational tapes running. The converging narrative was set up well and everything was done in a sort of cheesy almost grindhouse style, with some excellent awkward moments such as conversations over toast. There were moments of excellent acting but perhaps it wasn't quite consistent enough at the beginning and seemed to take a wee while to start getting impressed by the film, but impressed in parts I was. Ultimately the part that was its strength was also perhaps its downfall - the comedy. It treaded a fine line between farce and comedy and ultimately crossed that line a bit too much to take it seriously. But some moments of brilliance indeed.


A guy who owes money and his father is a cop, you can see where the convergence is coming. Not a bad film but I couldn't tell if they were going for comedy or serious.