'A Man Escaped' by Niufilm

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A Man Escaped
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The Immobolised Movie
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Good concept for an immobilised movie. Well shot. Some of the sound let it down perhaps. Good costumes and effects. Just didn't quite get why suddenly all the last clones were completely unhuman looking. Maybe I missed what they were cloning there somehow as at times the subtitles were a bit confusing. Also the ending though interesting visually and cinematically, didn't really complete any story arc, so I didn't quite get the point. Still excellent effort in parts and some great comedy with the clone lookalikes.


A funny concept, loved the lookalike clones that looked nothing like the celebs they were meant to be.

Didn't get the immobilised part of the film, but I maybe just missed it. Was entertaining nonetheless.


Very good concept with interesting elements in film
nice use of subtitle. This could be better with strong impact at the end

however nice attempt and look foward to see you guy in next year

Video 3/5
Audio 3/5
Story 3.5/5