'Autocraniotomous' by NightOwls

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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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This one stood out from the rest of the heat for having the complete package. A great concept, really well shot, brilliantly acted with excellent comic touches and the ending although you could sense it coming was laugh out loud funny and beautifully carried out. Both the doctor and the protagonist were hilarious. Brilliant.


oh and nice little song too


Video: 5/5
Audio: 3.5/5
Story: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Perhaps one of the most entertaining skits between the doctor and patient. That scene should be awarded the best carried out skit in this heat. Was exceptionally well scripted and carried out. Editing pace was on par, but talent was also a great advantage. Obviously this team had some pros. An obvious team with expertise and experience. They had the complete package, from camerawork, concept, sound, talent, editing, SFX (great work art team with all that gore and blood). Nothing more to say, but that it was unfair for the rest of the heat participants to be competing with pros. Great execution and was completely true on form. The comedic touches, and references to kiwiana and the proud supporter of V was brilliant. Well done, and see you in the next round and next year.


Obvious professionals that had all. Great story, great actors, captivating and detailed for perfection. Well done!


One of the highlights of the heat. Very strong production value, well written script and good use of genre as well :)
really enjoyed it and deserved audience award :)

video 4.5/5
audio 3.5/5
Story 4.5/5


Loved this film. It was short, punchy, well acted and didn't muck around.

People start suffering from exploding head syndrome and they go to a support group. Very visceral and funny. Awesome effort.


Loved d first seen with the doc def my fave bit the rest of the film was cool do but when i saw the extensive crew and cast list thorght well with that many team members no exscuse it had to be gd


Great film, definitely one of the strongest in the heat. Clearly a professional outfit with slick FX for the exploding heads, good if not outstanding performances from the actors and a sharp, well structured story. A few good laughs too, particularly with the Dr and at the end.