'Parallel' by Need to Know

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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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This was an AWESOME film! Well structured and easy to follow. Good emotional response drawn from the audience. Fabulous realistic acting.


Video: 3/5
Audio: 3/5
Story: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Great performance, great plot, great execution. Those of you who came to the screening will know that this was one of those serious and believable series where a man obsessively watches a girl in depression from a distance (literally from the online realm but also from a spiritual level). They utilised screen capture in this short, having a pov shot of the screen to show what sites, what they are searching on their laptops. Almost gave a tear to my eye with the last scene of the male protagonist explaining his conclusion via voice over. The thing that slightly detracted me from the story was watching him run towards the audio HI-FI set and touching the knobs and whistles to increase the volume. The diegetic sound was completely lost and somewhat didn't seem immersive for me. Also that scene reminded me of 'American Psycho' :)


Strong message and heavy theme delivered extremely well to the audience. Felt a bit like an advertisement for anti-suicidal helpline at times but very well made short film indeed that left the audience thinking. Well done!


This was a film about insomnia and a cry for help over the internet and suicide. Although it had a really nice ending with a little substance to it, and full credit for tackling a dark subject like that, the action and acting was a tad laboured, and the piece was overall quite dreary with not much change in tone. I would have preferred a few more shades of light. Also in doing it all over internet video it was rather limited in its scope. But a good effort nonetheless.


I thought this movie was really well done. Great acting by the female lead, nice story and a good character arc. Very nice production values also.


Female lead is definitely one of the best female actors in the competition so far and has done a wonderful job of playing this character. Overall Team 10/10 rating from me and i definitely want to see you in the finals. Well done.


Absolutely drawn into this film being a dark topic was shot very nicely, quality performance by the lead actress was very moving a definite stand-out in the heat.


Great Story and well driven :) i really enjoyed film itself and the use of found footage
and especially with the overall meaning of the film itself

Video 4/5
Audio 3.5/5
Story 4.5/5


Best "Obsessive Relationship" film yet.
Incredible acting and extremely well put together.
This team deserves a huge high five.
Best actress award? :)