'Grievous Bodily Arm' by Murderman Productions

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Grievous Bodily Arm
The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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This was quite a good concept and well carried out with excellent special effects etc. There were quite a few nods to Fight Club which were well done but just not quite as good as the real thing. And the ending just fizzled for me a bit. He got beaten...well...ok. But there were definitely moments of brilliance and huge potential, it just didn't quite come together do deliver a sucker punch.


This film made me rather dizzy but it had a good concept of tournament excitement and buzz. Would have been more memorable with a stronger ending.


During an underground arm wrestling tournament a guy loses a lot of money and in an effort to pay it back has a cyborg arm attached and tries to win.

Loved the prosthetic limb but felt you could have pushed your story more but a good effort with the timeframe.


underground arm wrestling tournament! interesting!
nicely filmed and interesting storyline
It could be better with connection between each plots (sequence i guess)

Video 3.5/5
Audio 3.5/5
Story 3/5


Great film, one of the best I saw this year. Loved the references to fight club, the special effects were awesome too. Great work guys!


Great Video, good job =)


Excellent use of effects on the film. The prosthetic arm was AWESOME!! Great work on film overall.


Really enjoyed the concept of this film with the dark support group type thing telling his story. The amusing bits of "coming to terms with the arm" were really great also. Loved the fight hostess and ring card girl too - really well done!


I felt the music playing for the majority of the short got a little repetitive but there were a lot of nice shots and the robot arm was pretty badass, nice work.