'Triangle' by Mr An creative cinematography

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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Nicely shot and reasonable concept and good effort at the non-fialogue movie. It was well set up with good use of sound. I guess dialogue has to be between two people so will forgive the voiceover at the end. All and all a nice effort.


Video: 5/5 (a serious player, great blurry effects and cinematography)
Audio: 2.5/5 (felt awkward in some places, might be deliberate?)
Story: 2/5
Overall: 3.5/5
This team seemed to aim for perfection at the get go. The audience felt this from the very first shot where they are at the intersection of queen st AKLD, and the focus goes onto our three protagonists whom are all interrelated in some point later in the film. A classic three way love story, literally and metaphorically. I loved this film for giving other teams to set their aesthetic/style bar higher. I want to know what rigging, what camera, what lenses they used. It reminded me of an up and coming international film (would be interesting to have subtitles to fit that category in their homeland language). The main male actor was excellent, a slight Keanu Reeves feel with a bland expression but just enough portray his confusion (those of you who came to the screening will know what I'm talking about). The story was basic, but being said that the editor should have been able to pace it just right, given the lack of complexity. If there were less pauses (quite obviously to show that the characters are thinking), the audiences wouldn't be detracted from the plot. Overall good short, unfortunate to see some lack of climax. It was too predictable. Loved the cheesy music in some places, I think this team wanted to go for a serious but at times making fun of other romantic/drama films with their over the top scores. Another team I can't wait for next year.


"Picture perfect" of the lot that had beautiful shots and angles. Loved the atmosphere but the story build up took a while and wrapped up rather suddenly.


A girl is dating two guys but they have a history together, wasn't clear if she knew that or not.

Nicely shot but it could have been told without the voice over.


Loved the Queen St crossing shot at the beginning - perfectly timed