'Showtime' by Mind Step

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The Musical Movie
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Great film, I'd say it wasn't trying to avoid a musical - just taking a different approach to what the genre could mean.


Although this was nicely shot and had some good elements and was nicely put together it was not a musical but a movie about a musical. So far none of the teams that I've seen that have got musical have really embraced it, but rather tried to scoot or shimmy around it, or run away from it or cleverly avoid it. I've only seen three heats but this was another example. The film was ok and funny in parts, but yeah would rather see an effort at an actual musical.


A mockumentary about a musical being produced. Only one song, with audio so badly mixed you couldnt hear the vocals.

As rapture addict says it wasn't really a musical, just trying to avoid it. Of all the heats I've seen I think the best musical was in a later heat, but was unfortunately DQ'd, where they totally embraced it and made a really good job of it, without great singers.


mockumentary and musical nice mix at the start
but as story goes on i wasnt sure it is musical or not.

But a lot of fun moments with nice story :)
so i guess its just really up to audience's pespective on this film.

Video 3/5
Audio 2.5/5
Story 3/5


If this had been a mockumentary category this would have scored ok. It was an interesting story with some good performances and some edgy comedic moments based around the musical director and his "biases" shall we say. Unfortunately it wasn't, and it wasn't really a musical either. It seems like it is a tough category to get and from reading reviews from other heats it seems a few people every year try to dodge the musical part.