'A Song For Mum' by idiotVision

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A Song For Mum
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The Musical Movie
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It's just cheap - so bloody cheap for Idiotvision to make a film full of beautiful babies and the most attractive mother in history... it's cheap, and I LOVED IT.

This was by far the best musical I've seen this year - and one of the best films. It was funny, succinct, and the characters were full of unique personality.

Soooo goooood... and seriously, how baben was that mum?


So THAT's how you replace Simon Ward. Clever, guys. And funny.


Idiotvision... Musical with babies. Enough said.


A super cute feel good film. I feel like the telepathic inner voices of the babies could have been matched better to what the actual babies were doing.


An excellent offering from a consistently brilliant team. Definitely got the biggest laugh of the night with one particularly vulgar (in the best way) line too, great stuff


Quote from a teammate - "these guys have been doing 48 so long they've now got babies." Loved the humour in this, and using babies in a musical was such a good call. Story wasn't all that strong, but this film was so cute and sweet that it didn't need to be.


This film was a welcome relief from all the darkness and seriousness of the rest of the heat. A great idea to use babies. I just reckon the voices could have had a little bit more individual character as they sounded very similar to one another.

Funny and sweet.


Loved it. Damn the mums pretty. Closing gag was amazing.


A group of babies are brought together for an afternoon, and can talk telepathically to each other - and the rabbits apparently - and the son wants to write a song for his mum and gets the other two to help.

Some very funny moments and one look by the son in particular matched the dialogue perfectly but other than that it felt more like random videos of kids, which to be fair is probably about all you could expect from such young kids within a 48 hour time frame. Was good comic relief for the night overall though and the production was slick.


I thought you'd make finals again for sure with this! So different and original and cute and all that jazz. Guess the judges children never wrote them songs haha.


Well combined visual and voice-overs, although I did think you needed some variety between the voices for the babies and a feminine voice for the girl(s?) would have helped with the mix. Had a bout of de je vu though remembering back to 3 Men and a Baby and the sequel. Very enjoyable film and absolutely wonderful to see none of the over-used stuff that so many others resorted to (beds, pills, running in forests or dark streets, etc).