'The Black Dog' by Houndstooth

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The Black Dog
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The Reunion Movie
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My favourite part of this movie was the music. It really set the scene for some strong emotional impact. I liked the use of black and white and the cinematography was beautiful. However, the story failed to deliver what all these other elements promised. It was disjointed and didn't make much sense. With a stronger story, this film would have stood a much better chance in a very strong heat.


I was a little lost with this film.. wasnt sure what had happened to the character - my guess was her and her partner split but I wasnt sure. They certainly did a good job of creating a sense of isolation for the main character.


I was confused by this one as well, although I think I understood the reunion aspect of it. Some decent acting and reasonably well shot, just needs a bit more clarity in the story to really sell it.


I liked this movie and the ambiguous ending. Really solid performance by the lead actress. Quite a tough story to tell in a 48hour but I thought they did it really well.


A couple move into a house together, but then they're not? Not really sure what went on in this film. But props to the team for trying something different.


The lead actress was pretty solid in her performance, but it felt a little too art house / pretentious for my taste.

This was one of two "loosing a baby" films in this heat and that theme always makes me uncomfortable, not because of the subject matter, more because it feels a little forced in trying to invoke a reaction. I will say however, it didn't get the usual "serious film giggles" that this sort of short normally invokes in this competition so the audience was gripped at some level.


Art for arts sake? It was very pretty but I didn't understand it.

Don't get me wrong, love arty movies but this one seemed to have no point. It was well edited and good shots.

The soundtrack was great and the lead actress was good (the crying scenes stand out)


I think this film looked amazing, obviously some talent behind the camera. Storywise it seemed to have a few gaps and it was hard to tell flashbacks from present time when the whole thing was black and white (if there was a present time...or flashbacks) but the music tracks you found were great and really helped a struggling story. A really good effort.


I think that the montage approach let you down a bit here. It creates a strong effect to begin with but, because your film is so short and the characters are therefore not really established, it doesn't result in the film being strong overall. Some dialogue that was actually directed towards both story and character development would have helped to create a stronger emotional impact. Also, I think you could have played into the genre a little bit more, because as far as I could see the reunion was at the very end (and it wasn't actually a reunion). The individual shots in this movie looked quite good, but put together each scene with more than one shot was visually jarring. The editing wasn't really following the 180 degree rule, and it looked a bit muddled. The music was nice, if a little over-used, but the whole thing didn't quite come together for me.