'This Is A Fork' by Tsuki The Stunt Chicken

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This Is A Fork
The Musical Movie
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One of the better uses of the prop I've seen. Cute wee robot. Slightly confused as to how the cards fit in to the story but it was a cute song nonetheless. Good effort.


the best musical in heat 10


I'm guessing that this team really wanted robot movie, not sure if they had theirs pre-built or just made it for the weekend because they could.

Wasn't really singing or rap, just spoken words over music.


well done for what they had


Nice little twist and reveal at the end, extra star just for that part.. The human card got very close to actually singing a song, I felt you could have pushed that from just speaking to song with some more lyrics and rhythm. As it is there's not quite enough "musical-ness" in there. It was a bit odd being a robot although I can see that it was a working bot, a down-trodden person would have been OK too.