'The Day The Earth Stood Somewhat Stationary' by Hotdog Sandwich

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The Day The Earth Stood Somewhat Stationary
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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Talented guy, playing every character. Hilariously acted and well edited. Great stuff.


This was an entertaining gimmick. It played up the hammie-ness of the genre - but it was so self-aware that I never really cared, and the team intro made me thing the guy was arrogant-as before the film even started.


this was my favourite movie in this heat - really hilarious and while looking simple, had great continuity for a film where the the 2 main actors are the same person. Clever and quirky, i can't wait to see it again in the screening room - or the finals?!


This isn't the first film where every character was played by the same actor, but it is the first time I did double takes at the two main characters together in the same shot. Through acting craft and post production wizardry, the two flatmates were believable enough to make all the hammy supporting characters forgivable. Inventive use of the CARD prop as well. While overall there was room for improvement, this film sets an impressive benchmark for the one man team.


This short was witty and hilarious. It was especially creative given the one-man team. I was impressed by the editing. I found the film well paced, entertaining throughout, and original.


I loved this film. The over the top cheesy acting and one man doing it all was hilarious. I loved the death scenes when the character would go 'bleargh' and turn their head.

Cyborgs come to earth to take all the testicles to stop us breeding so they can take over the world when we all die out.

Most inventive prop for a card I have seen so far. Brilliant effort and I personally loved it but not sure how it will go with the judges. Very reminiscent of some early Taika films. Nice job.


Probably my favourite film of the night (with Five Second Rule coming a close 2nd).

I loved that he played every character and because it was funny and endearing you brought into it totally. Best robot walk of the night and some of the best one liners as well. Blaaah . . . Loved it.

Well filmed and hard to get everything matched up with split screen work. Well Done!!!