'X-Treme Mail' by undisclosed

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X-Treme Mail
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The Action / Adventure Movie
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A film about an extreme postwoman

Audio: 4/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: This was one of my favourites of the heat. I enjoyed the montage of mail delivery and the great interactions the actress had with other cast and her environment. Some great shots and snappy cuts.

Cons: The ending could have been stronger. While the fact that she's running away from people makes sense in that she's just being extreme and pretending they're chasing her, but after a very nice montage at the start, the ending seemed a bit rushed. The text halfway through also seemed a bit unnecessary, and the film would probably have been stronger without it.

Overall: A great premise, some good shots, more work needed on the ending.


Loved the cartwheeling, forward rolling postie. Would have liked more of that to be honest. And as a previous reviewer mentioned in the Forums, the cat lady was a hit - the best bit! Bring back the cat lady next year! It had a nice storyline, which I found easy to follow.


As other people have said, it was easy to follow. To bad that's because there wasn't much to follow.

A girl does silly stunts while delivering mail, then gets chased by crims who think she may have heard them say something that was not at all sensitive. Very clumsy use of mandatory character.


Girl delivering mail, quite amusingly, cut to bad guys in house and they hear the mail delivery, then chase the postie cause they think she overheard their plot, they catch her but she had headphones in and didn't hear anything, then the movie ends. Not much of a story, but then it was an action film, but a bit light on the action too


This film started with a lot of potential and looked to be a good watch - a postie embarking on an epic action adventure. Unfortunately it looked like the team ran out of steam about halfway through the film. A few scenes seemed to lack any relevance (cake scene?) to the overall plot and the script seemed weak. Villains were hollow, even for an action film - not sure if that was by design but wasn't executed very well. This team urgently needs to work on their script writing skills if they are going to try again next year.

However, editing was pretty good and one of the best of the heat and the score was well composed and entertaining. A few laughs were had and for the most part the film was entertaining. Lacked an ending though.



The film was nicely shot and set up nicely for a good story but nothing much happened. And whatever did happen wasn't conveyed in a way that was very engaging. It was as if the film was set up beautifully and then there was this big flop of a disappointment. Bugger!


Audio: 3/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2/5
Overall: 9 /20
This was a film that I expected to be stupidly entertaining, with the mail-person doing her 'stunts', taking mail carrying to the next level. Unfortunately it didn't progress too much further, trying to make it serious with the drug cartel and the chase scene, which I felt took away from a fun little idea.