'Quest Time' by Aardvark Animation

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Quest Time
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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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A goblin goes on a quest to find the elixir of life for his wizard master.

Audio: 2/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Acting: 2/5

Pros: Animation! I love animation, and some of the visual gags here were great.

Cons: I was however bothered by the lack of originality of this short, a very similar film has been done in 48 hours before. I also missed what was written on the bottle, would love for a team member to step up and tell me because I've gone through other people's reviews and can't find anyone who caught it!

Overall: Some funny gags, but generic story and ending cut off too quickly.


I was sitting next to my mum, and when this one started, she said, rather loudly, "Ooohh, this one's professional" (did you all hear her???). Mum's a pretty honest critic, so well done team! I just needed more time to read the label on the bottle at the end - can you tell us what it said??? The damsel in distress was brilliant, as was the scene behind the bushes ;)


Amusing animation with some funny points. The end was very quick and I missed what was on the bottle, was it a rum label?(*update - found out it was rum and the wizard was just drunk) Goby(sorry if the goblins name is wrong) Must save his wizard master by questing to the elixir of life. Line thrown in at the end part way through the credits, but worked with the scene it was in. The speech was a bit muddied with the background music but nice animation. Liked the riddle stuff and the princess was amusing.


Animation. Yay! Well executed and nice visuals. I thought this was a great effort and it is no easy thing to do. And unlike some previous animations in other years there was definitely a good sense of the genre there. The only thing that let it down was the ending which kind of got lost a bit. Great work though and col world and creatures created and some really funny gags. Loved the pun on night and the purple monster asking riddles that our hero just walks on past. It was a cool little world that was created here. One of my favourites in a good heat.


I know animation can be hard to do on this sort of schedule, but there was 0 tension in this race against the clock movie and integration of the required elements was lazy. I liked about half of the character designs but really disliked the other half and the voice acting could have used a lot of work.