'Living with Vic Meyer' by 48 hours later

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Living with Vic Meyer
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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A film about Robots who have a glitch which they treat like a disease...I think.

Audio: 1/5
Video: 1/5
Story: .5/5
Acting: 1/5

Pros: Some of the glitching shots were quite funny. I also liked the angle, it was interesting.

Cons: The story was really not very clear. I had a hard time knowing who was human and who was a robot, and it wasn't clear enough for me to be sure what exactly the story was about. It also felt long, a lot of the talking heads could have been cut for a much tighter film.

Overall: A cool idea, some work needed on execution.


I found the sound on this one quite hard to hear, and hard to understand what was happening. However the people around me liked it.
Highlight was the guy with the paint can, and shots of the cyborgs(?) freezing up.
Was it the "Vic Meyers Institute" or was "Vic Meyers" the name of the disease? Confused. Sorry...


Interviews with people who live with cyborgs or are cyborgs. Nice use of line, sound was a bit iffy. Funny acting. Was Vic Meyers the actual drug that helps people sleep/fixes cyborg issues -or was Vic the foundation I got a bit lost on the story sorry, but that may have just been me not paying attention properly? Some great interviews in this and some funny set pieces.


Turned robot genre into documentary style footage. Didn't really get what was going on though. So whatever it was trying to do it didn't really pull it off.


Robots with glitches and... friends?

Acting: 2/5
Audio: 1/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 3/5

Pros: Great Idea! some of the camera work was good as was some of the acting :)

Cons: The audio was so low I could not understand the actors most of the time and the story became a little confusing.

Overall: I wanted to give this film a higher rating as it might have been a cracker if not for the audio issues!


Really cool idea, execution was a bit off (not very clear), but I thought overall one of the better films. Sound was a bit so-so, like most teams.


Seemingly improvised film about robots with VM syndrome. With a little more thought about the characters and their actual stories this could have been really cool but the actors just didnt seem to know where they were going. If the different characters storeies were more related it might have been more cohesive. The look of the whole thing I think was supposed to be futuristic degraded footage, I cant tell if that is a good thing or not. If sound had been less of an issue, the image may have been less irksom.

Some funny lines, and deliberately funny editing that worked. Great use of card.


Audio: 2.5/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 3/5
Overall: 11.5/20
A clever idea on how to deal with their genre. Reasonably well acted, with the documentary style helping hide the faults with camera and audio. However, there wasn't enough of an explanation of the disease, leaving many confused as to what was happening.