'Lights.Camera.Wasteland' by 42 Cents

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The Reunion Movie
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Yes, there were some sound issues, in that in a couple of scenes the voices didn't sync with the words. But the makeup, the wardrobe, and the acting were great! It was filmed over several different locations, which made it interesting. Lots of humour, which the audience seemed to appreciate. All the elements were in, and it even had a storyline. And the music which was composed for the movie was first rate.

Note: This is my team's movie.


Audio: 2/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 3/5

Pros: Great art department. I believed they could be in a wasteland. (or hamilton) The audition for the bad guy was great

Cons: Bit out of sync with the audio. Which took away from the scenes. End was a bit weak

Overall: Good movie, nothing spectacular stood out apart from a & d. Bit of a shine on the audio would make it a lot more viewable


After the apocalypse Vic decides to make a movie with his old filmmaking buddies. Vic-gina, as he is called by his old classmates, does his best to finish the movie he started but has some issues along the way. Some sound issues. Big crowd reaction. The 'bad guy' audition was classic


Great costumes, good concept, nice idea to combine the drifting narrative of an apocalypse film with the genre of Reunion. And I liked the idea of a film maker trying to make his film, being self reflexive of what we are all doing. The dialogue suffered a bit and the acting could have been a bit better. Great locations though and had a Mad Max feel to it.


Because this was a story about film students and the production quality (mostly the camera, acting and audio) was so low I found this a really difficult film to take seriously. The "bad guy" was ridiculous, and they reused the same location for 2 very different places, and everything seemed way to coincidental in terms of the protagonist running into the people he is looking for accidentally. I couldn't enjoy this film.

Costumes, makeup and sets looked great, whoever was in charge of all that did a fantastic job.


Audio: 2.5/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 3/5
Overall: 11.5/20

If you ignored the audio faults, this was a good film, but not one that had you rooting for the main character to achieve his goal. The film felt long enough to be able to focus on the main character a bit more, and for a film that was quite serious, the joke at the end felt a little weak.


For my first 48 hour experience this was the best, I really enjoyed seeing what came out in the end, it was so much shorter than what we had, I believe the editors, director and production team made the best possible choices.

I agreed the sound was a little distracting, but apart from that minor detail it was well put together..

I had fun doing the costumes and bringing together some of my long held items from many years of making and experimenting with things.

Looking forward to next year i think.


One of the better looking shorts I've watched and it was a cool song you guys made for it but it did seem a little out of place, good to know you were ready for musical though haha. A bit anti-climactic I thought but it was still quite a watchable film you made.