'Al's Last Day' by 4 Fat Heads

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Al's Last Day
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The Musical Movie
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A man gets fired because he's old and doesn't know what Wi-Fi is.

Overall: 2/5
Audio: 1/5
Video: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Acting: 2/5

Pros: Really well polished start to the film, and the audience seemed to laugh and "aww" at the correct times. The Vic Meyer character was incredibly well done.

Cons: Lost its track a little as it went, and led to quite a weak ending. The singing was also not great, though I understand it's difficult to do a musical in 48 Hours (I notice they took out dance).

Overall: Had some great bits, but didn't quite make sense in the end.


Felt so sorry for the old man who lost his job. He was the best actor of the night, without question. Not entirely sure that it was a musical though.....
The sign in the window would have been better if it just read "LOL", I thought the rest of the sign, suggesting that he die, was too nasty - "IMHO".


Audio: 4/5
Video: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Acting: 5/5

Pros: Great acting from the lead, really felt bad for him. Great art design and some awesome POV

Cons: Not enough musical-ness.

Overall: Apart from being not as musical as other films might be, still managed to produce something great.


This film was awesome, great PoV shots with the alcohol and the urine against the wall, Al seems like a badass/future paedophile. My favourite film.


My favourite film of heat 1. Great acting from Al and a very well written story that was both funny and sad at the same time.

Not your typical musical but it's nice to see people thinking outside the box with their ideas while still fulfilling their required genre. The drunken rambling of an old man trying to sing was hilarious!


Interesting twist on a musical. Lots of slow mo with music over the top. Not much actual singing. Nice ending. The audience got to empathise with Al (the titled character) early on which was nice. Old guy gets fired for being old and not understanding computers, goes on a bender and heads back to work. Didn't really embrace the musical side but very nicely filmed


This film was well shot, nicely executed and well acted. It had a funny ending. However and this is a big however is that although there was a song in it which maybe bordered on the regions of making it a musical, I feel that it didn't really fulfil its genre. I'm not sure whether they were trying to be clever and twist the genre, or trying to avoid the genre and get around it somehow, but a musical needs more music than that for me.


I wish I was given my work computer to take home when I was fired :p

Not really a musical, repeating one line a couple of times is super lazy and doesn't constitute a song but I enjoyed the humor and story. It was well put together, in another genre this team could have shined.


Some really well structured ideas here for a simple 48 hour musical. The main character was well portrayed/played and the flow of the story engaging and visual. Classic approach from start to finish


Audio: 3/5
Video: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Acting: 4/5
Overall: 13/20
Musical is the most hated genre out there for 48Hours. I felt the way they went with the imagined scene was a clever idea on how to get past a huge hurdle, and I was impressed by the actor playing Al, a very convincing drunk. A great ending, one that had the audience cheering for Al. Overall, very nice, but could use some polishing to make it great.


Not a bad effort but it looks like musical threw you guys. It didn't have the strongest story but there were a few funny memorable moments.


Camera work and editing were great. It just wasn't a musical though. You almost had me thinking it was going to be with Al's song but that turned into the same line repeated - you had an opportunity there for him to tell his story in that song but it didn't happen. Canned background music is fine in my view if you can't actually generate your own music, but not using a canned vocal number. Overlooking the obvious absence of the actual computer from the take-home box ... I was thinking that Al would extract some revenge on the youngsters via the work WiFi like deleting all their files, but all he did was look for porn.