'Unlucky Nicky Brick' by Wacky Otaki 4 Some

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Unlucky Nicky Brick
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Musical or Dance
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Nicky is setup on a blind date with a Billionaire, but rather than see this as an opportunity for love she sees it as a money-grabbing exercise and of course takes her best friend Aroha along for the ride to Mr. Stirling's estate. I'm guessing the entire budget went on the plane and petrol it took to get there.

The screamed acapella 5 second songs, the Otaki haircuts and the mentally challenged motivations of the characters were the framework of the film. I'd recommend the team learn how to frame a shot going forward. They went for the cheeky charm approach but something got lost in translation here although several moments of filmmaking that made me laugh and I'm guessing none were intended.


Nice effort, plot got towards it's payoff where all was not as it seemed. Technically there's a bit to work towards in terms of shot composition and getting the quality but that's what 48 hours is all about


An amusing short that had enough smiling charm to beam itself straight off of the screen. This team was elqouently charismatic in it's ability to use limited obvious resource in filming to put together a well executed plot line with a fantastic reveal in the third act. All the actors played their lines well and well done to all behind it