'Sticks & Stones' by Wonder Fully Made

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Sticks & Stones
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Fantasy Adventure
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Some different camera techniques were used by this team which was refreshing to see. Some sort of limbo prevents a mother from reaching her son, and everytime she falls she gets sent back to the darkness to be made a mockery of by another woman who has her beloved boy captive.

Again got to state really nice visually and a reasonably straigh edge approach throughout. Good motivation for the character's actions too. I think it was good that we were not hit over the head with exposition in any way shape or form, but the potential of the space travelling stones seemed like they could have been explored a bit more. Having said that, it's a short film and two settings is sufficient.


Really slick little film this one. It nailed the Fantasy genre without providing us dragons, knights or anything predictable. It was original with a very simple and effective story. Nice bit of hate going on between the mother & young woman.

Not entirely convinced by the use of the rocks and the story behind them, but hey.... 48 hours!

Well done.