'Product Z' by Voice of Legends

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Product Z
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Found Footage
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Thank you very much for giving sound reasoning as to why the footage was shot in 1080p. I'm guessing the team had recently watched 21 Jump Street? As took the element of making an extreme new drug as their plot point. Sadly for them the territory they are looking to move on already has established dealers. Guns aren't hard to come by in this country, at least...

I was really hooked in by the energetic start, and then the drug testing I was still engaged with. The film kind of lost its way though when it became a formulaic turf war, although the very ending of the film was really well done and the bullet holes in the windscreen a very impressive effect. Also not sure why sound quality was perfect fine at the start but progressively got worse?


Some fantastic Visual effects in this film and looked great on the screen. Sound was a little funny towards the end but didn't hold it back. Nice effort