'25 Minutes' by The Motherlode

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25 Minutes
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Mostly based on a true story apparently, our lead has 25 minutes to get his IVF specimen to the clinic because he chooses to go with the do it at home approach to save on the $80 it costs if you wish to rub out your specimen in nicer surroundings.

Of course a tale of things getting in the way, in particularly their fellow Xbox playing flatmate who has a very relaxed attitude about the whole thing. What would a good action movie be without a ninja, too? And what would a good ninja fight be without it being against a pirate? Some of the little random acts were really well done but the lighthearted tone meant that it did not have too much actual action.


Anytime you see a bearded swashbuckling pirate confront a ninja in the downstairs of a IVF clinic foyer, you know that your in for something. Some nice comedic touches throughout led itself more towards a comedy however a dashing car scene and the aformentioned pirate ninja battle restored it's faith in Action. some real subtleties in the acting balanced out by a little technical compensation in other areas. Nice upbeat film


The plot was made very clear in the beginning - get the sample to the clinic - this meant the viewer could sit back and enjoy.
I liked the supporting character's composure throughout, he knew the job just had to be done. Even when the odds looked against the duo he was still able to remain calm under pressure and of course he had the ability to be at the right place at the right time.
The Motherlode were able to keep up the tension throughtout and the film ticked along well. This was helped by the lead remaining focused on the end goal.