'Snuffed Out' by TimePiece

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Snuffed Out
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One Shot
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Survivors wonder where their renegade friend Nicky Brick may be, with both pretty confident that he has risked the raving savages that rove the post-apocalyptic wasteland once again. Having a car involved in the piece seemed only out of place given that there seemed to have been early important dialogue about a lack of rations, and yet petrol can be used for the commodity of moving something on 4 wheels? Odd.

Be that as it may this was a mainly sit around and talk end of the world one shot film. I would have personally tried to cover more sparsely populated areas but that’s just me. A lot of wind sound was very distracting, please watch out for it in future.


must have been really tricky to have the genre of 'one shot'
but you guys did really well.
props to you.


You can see what they're trying to do but that doesn't change the fact that they don't come close to achieving it. Several blatant internal logical inconsistencies (as steel potato discusses above) make the plot hard to both follow and care about. Clearly influenced by Children of Men to the point of occasional unintended parody (I think that ear-ringing after a loud noise sound effect should be deleted from sound designers computers). Performances were good for a clearly young and inexperienced team.