'Leave Me Alone' by The Scallywags

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Leave Me Alone
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The SPCA, Bartending and Busking amongst other jobs have all failed for our lead, who just also happens to be a conjoined twin. Their bro has been the scourge of all their problems for quite some time particularly with women and employment, but that is nothing compared to the leaf monster they create when an experiment goes badly wrong.

The two guys sharing one outfit for the twin effect really played off on one another well. Not a scary film by any sense of the imagination but more an ode to cheesy 50s/60s bad monster flicks which in my book is not a bad thing at all - Sting of Death and The Thing With Two Heads immediately came to mind.


Earns a lot of points by taking this years prop and running with it. All over Wellington it seems as the final chase between the conjoined twin protagonists and the leaf creature showed in its inexorable and somewhat wearying length. It's good for a film to leave you thinking and I still cannot help but wonder why this wasn't called 'Leaf Me Alone'?