'It's Always Night In Space' by Two Word Name

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It's Always Night In Space
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Urban Legend
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Superbly acted, the film nailed the concept of a urban legend where it is possible to give a slightly different tale of events based on whatever hearsay the storyteller has heard. Set in a lecture theatre, a list of possible discoveries, motives and ways Nicky Brick was killed at an observatory in 1971 are well examined.

Some say he saw a giant meteor, others that there was a conspiracy to kill him and yet a different take is that it was suicide. Our lecturer of course provides the calming hand to our students' wild speculations. Some sweet visual touches and completely engaging.


amazing filming and acting!
had me interested the whole time.
was 100% the best edited film of the night.

cant wait to watch again


This was great, i'd watch feature films from you guys.