'In someone else's shoes.' by Them Damn Jesters

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In someone else's shoes.
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Using a very blurry camera (I’m guessing standard definition) and plagued with windy sound, this team did not let technical limitations get in the way of their imagination. Used the tried and true formula of taking the genre they received this year and mixing it with an obscure genre from years past – in this case Body Swap – they made a film that showed some promise but which technical aspects did have a negative effect when viewing.

In a startling turn of events a paraplegic is swapped into the body of an able bodied person and presented with the chance to walk again. They are not the only person who has swapped personas however with the whole world seemingly switching freely between each other. A good partnership developed between the main actor learning to walk again and the one who had been a young child.


Lots of really good ideas here - though one did get the sense that they were going to do a body swap film no matter what genre they got assigned - and some really nice beats are let down by technological limitations making large parts totally illegible. Which is sad because there was a lot to like in here if you could make it out. Also, what is with the inexplicable and drawn out fight scene?


Hey this is the guys from the Jesters, i'm giving it an average review to avoid any bias.

Thanks @steelpotato, we had really crappy equipment and didn't leave enough time for editing. We are going to re-edit and put the original and the better quality one on youtube under separate files.

About the body swap thing @John Sidewaysface, i thought that up on Saturday morning on a whim :D, we had written a script on Friday called "The seconds which can change your life" but it was really serious and i change my mind last minute to do comedy. The random fight scene had a purpose (they were supposed to have switched into each other) but the sound cut out too soon and the line was lost :S blame my crappy editing.


I don't see what the big deal with having shitty tech is, this is V48!! this is a grass roots style thing to me, no budget or quality equipment, no recognisable actors, no cash spent just a bunch of people having a luagh and making a film in 48 hours. i was cracking up, you guys were funny as.