'End Game' by Top Gun

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End Game
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End of World
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Enjoyed this films take on "End of the world", the acting was great-all very natural. It zoomed outside the window at the very end to the fragment the house was resting on in space. This was a fantastic twist for the finale, with well executed graphics.


'Armageddon' spelt backwards = a typical Cranium challenge. However given how drunk a group of friends are it operates as an opportunity for each to describe how they would survive in a post apocalyptic world. This was a simple setting and not much happened but the editing improved the film compared to what you might think of the original premise.

Barricading oneself or turning into Mad Max and getting a badass sword to do with would be evil-doers are some of the ideas put forward. The Max costume and story probably the highlight. Puzzling little twist at the end, too.


Technically polished and there is an interesting beginning of an idea in here but the fact that they don't develop it at all means this ends up as more a list of, admittedly amusing, gags rather than any kind of a story. Production value tail wagging the narrative dog here.