'The Curse of That Damn Cat' by Sasquai Incorporated

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The Curse of That Damn Cat
Urban Legend
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I really like the movie "That Darn Cat" starring Christina Ricci, so naturally I got quite excited when I saw this movie title.

Top marks to whomever came up with the name.

So a pesky cat (who happens to hang out where my secret toilet is) follows a chap home, he stands in poo and then they are best mates ...... or are they? Nicky Brick (a popular name for talking cats) is your typical black stray cat full of luck ... NOT!

Why do people always blame cats for clothes that smell like urine? when I bet it was that business lady that wet herself, after a few too many Monkey Bay wines.


Thought this was really solid - couldn't fault it in any way, maybe lacking a bit in the story department, wasn't one of my pics but was close.


An anthropomorphic black cat follows home Nicky Brick, leading to some pretty severe consequences. Well written dialogue and good awareness of the genre, with characters stressing just how unlucky it is for an animal such as this to cross your path and going to levels such as claiming they caused the economic crisis.

A friendship develops and our Nicky seems fairly laissez-faire about the whole thing, but the negative things that happen to him do snowball and then we get a nifty little resolution; the actress who played Bloody Mary in particular impressive for the few seconds they were on screen. The whole thing was a little scatterbrain but it also made me long to ride those Croc carts/bicycles along the waterfront next time we have a sunny Sunday and I'm sober enough to get out of bed before 12.


Clearly the bromance between the cat and the chap were the order of the day, a few funny bits (great cameos) and you have a film that isn't trying to preach or be the next Speilberg off the rack...


a solid little film that was quite well put together.

The shot of the tandem bicycle was really entertaining to watch, as was the catnip scene.

A pretty good entry, such a shame that it was DQd, otherwise it may have had a chance of getting placed in the top three audience favourites.


I thought this was really solid, good production, good story, good acting, good sound.

The whole thing just felt a little flat - maybe its just my natural aversion to people in animal costumes and the 48hours.

The best part was the urban legend anonomous meeting at the end, the rest was relatively unmemorable.


Yes great film guys, well done