'The Ballad of Nicky Brick' by Serious Sloth Films

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The Ballad of Nicky Brick
Musical or Dance
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what can I say you had me with that dang rap it was great! The cinematography was well good and the knitted beard was a nice touch. I just loved how that guy hopped away after the leaf was eaten. Good work Sloths!


This was one of my pics of the night, had musical a few years ago and it was hard work!

Very well put together, only fault would be the narators singing wasn't easy to undestand.


A cowboy type strumming their guitar on the beach works as a nice introduction to this tale that happened once upon a time when Nicky Brick who had no friends to help him out on 48 Hours went on a bit of a quest.

Very clever lyrics and well shot for the most part (although at times a bit music-videoy which is a backhanded compliment, but the fourth wall singing could have been toned down a little in my view), this was probably a better fantasy adventure film than most of the entries in that genre so far despite not having too much mystical going on. Solving riddles, questing for the leaf of luck and dealing with a curious old man with a beard warmer made this quite a fun watch.


a nice Jack Black meets Flight Of The Conchords vibe in the music, one of the contenders for some of the points (good luck to the single guy in the intro ladies wanted ad LOL)


This was very well executed film. Despite drawing one of the harder genres, you guys nailed it.

Unfortunately I couldn't hear what the cowboy was singing in the first scene as the guitar overwhelmed it but other than that it was a funny, well made film.


Good musical, and one of the highlights of the heat. Can't really fault it from memory.

Loved the ukulele gag towards the end. The whole story and quest part of it didn't work as well as steelpotato thinks it did. It started off ok but came to an abrupt and unsatisfying end.


Very funny, very clever. The quality was pretty good as far as these films go, and I just love the way that you'd spontaneously break out into song. One of my faves from the night