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Was shot pretty nice - allthough a bit too shallow depth of field/dslr'y for my taste - also wasn't raelly insperational.

I didn't get why the guy would walk off in slow motion and drop his passport and all those bangles, kind of weird.


Stylish panning/tracking shots to start off with; fairly sure they used a dolly in there at some point? A film focused on the hardships of life but didn't seem to have too much of an inspirational message, or if it did then I missed it so clearly the script needed a bit of work.

A pickpocketing hitchiker gets picked up by someone just trying to get away from it all in particular their sister because they don't want to be a disppointment. The film tried to be heavy but it was so focused on dialogue that it failed to draw an emotional response. The radio announcements were also quite distracting. I understand the want, perhaps even need to do something a bit different stylistically but story is king and having built a nice setup I was left wanting more of a resolution/reason to feel inspired.


although very well shot, but it wasnt really intense enough for my liking, it left me wanting more.


It never really felt inspirational. Played it too straight-faced for the topic.

Some technical hicups with the radio at times overwhelming the dialogue. The script wasn't solid enough to sustain what was a largely actionless film. Nice attempt at what I imagine is a difficult genre.


The razor thin DSLR focus is becoming a bit of a 48hours cliche along with mocumentary, and people dressed in drag/animal outfits.

The movie was technically well made, although when the on location dialogue was faded in the loud ambient noise faded in with it, it was quite jarring at the time - there of course isn't much you can do about it in windy wellington, however you could have added some ambient location sound to make the transition a little nicer. The only mar in an otherwise slick production.

Otherwise I thought the story needed a little work, I didn't understand how it was inspirational per se, and the characters motivations to do what he did at the very end (after giving back the wallet) were not clear.