'shortmatch' by salt the earth

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End of World
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Saw you guys filming in the wee hours of Saturday morning good dedication that was quite early.

Loved the tank, one of the best special effects of the heat. The end made me jump out of my seat. I also laughed when that bus was determined to go on after the world had thrown in the towel.


This was probably my favorite film of the heat, nicely shot, maybe a little to slow but still pretty cool.


Kicking myself for not paying attention as to whether this was an original score or not. If it was chalk it down as a front runner for the Wellington award. If not, very well selected indeed.

A couple of guys who very well may be the last men on earth bunker up and grow increasingly paranoid of each other every day, leading to drawing straws for who stays and who has to fully don their radiation suit and face the outside world once the supplies have run out.

Excellent post-apocalyptic feel and again that saturated Tangerine Dream-like soundtrack fitted perfectly. Unfortunately I am marking it down a point for a shot taking me out of the film where vital information was missed and it no longer felt like the end of the world. Good open ending, too.


Sorry to say this but i thought this was pretty boring (although obviously the actors could act and it had some nice camera angles), i'm just not a fan of this genre...the music got on my nerves after a while, i woulda preferred some intense dialogue.


I didn't like that it was largely driven by voice-over, felt a little bit lazy. It made no sense that they didn't cut out the people that were still present in what should have been a deserted city.

Decent acting and some nice interplay by the two leads. It was a little bit boring.


That tank out of nowhere was fantastic. Who said that 3D animation could not be incorporated into a 48 hour film! Acting was good, and the story suited. However, there were several shots where you would accidently see the human life still there, at first I didn't mind, but after the 2nd instance, I began searching every shot outside for it. Music became frustrating after a few minutes. The end was a surprise and for sure the best surprise ending of the night.