'S.H.A.R.P.' by Random Acts

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I'm not really a fan of talking to the camera mocumentaries in 48hours - think it's kind of a copout. However this was well done for the genre.

Also dug the flannel shirts.


I loved how this short was shot, everything was very well done. The sound quality, script writing and acting were awesome.

I would have loved a more dramatic climax where brick keeps his cool and returns the water to the bucket, but meh overall was a great entry.


Title stands for an acronym I won't give away, but this was a mockumentary with too many talking heads for my liking. I'm not going to comletely rag on the team as you had a couple of lines that made me laugh hard, but my feelings on doing this sort of film are pretty strong. I think mockumentaries are a genre cop out as they can be pigeonholed into any genre. Throw in some interviews with intercut footage of the jokes said participants are discussing and voila you've got a film that's likely going to get a positive audience response. Its not jealousy I know for a fact there are many regulars to the competition who feel the same way.

The jokes that made me laugh were not the crude sexual humour, or comments by recovering superheroes about other characters which were visually obvious anyway. No it was the stuff about the rugby and harshness towards little 'Fly Boy'. This got a good audience response initially but seemed to run out of ideas.


I won't compare to what others might expect of this genre and just base my opinions on what I saw. I tend to like humour when watching a batch of material (such as a few short films in one sitting), so the comments made by Tza had me giggling from the back row, this role was very well played and one of my favourite characters from any of the films from this heat. Nice use of the skills in putting the water back into the bucket, and mocking of flyboy too.


This film was alright. Not as tightly scripted/paced as it should have been and I kept waiting for it to take off and it never really did.

Some good one liners and good production.


This film was well done - however the talk to the camera mokumentary thing has become a bit of a 48hour cliche. And feels like its a creative crutch.

Nether the less, it was entertaining throughout and technically well done. The villain was perfect.

Like the reviewer above said my lasting impression of this film was also flannel shirts - superhero costumes have certainly gone more practical.

Next year it would be great to see you guys push yourselves and try and go for a proper narrative short.


This film was hilarious. A very well thought out story and I liked the use of the character 'Nicky Brick' and how all the other characters had their own little backstory.


Quite enjoyed the humour in this film. Characters were well portrayed and well acted (Tza was great) . The main downside to this film was the mockumentary aspect, as I felt that it seemed a slightly easy way out. Well shot on most fronts!