'No Leaf Clover' by Sam films

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No Leaf Clover
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Really dug the sound effects, great fighting and stunts. Russian gal was a gal worth saving!


Unlike muffy I thought the sound effects were dreadful, I don't know if it was done for comedic effect or not but you need a little variety. Also the music was looping.

Good start, get some practice in, pay more attention to the edit and come back better next year.


Please get a better camera and sound equipment. I liked your energetic dedication to your film with barrel rolls down hills and thrusting pirate fighting, but it almost felt like I was watching youtube on the big screen tonight.

A tale of creating your own luck in order to get the Russian mail order bride by fighting your way to the top. Not sure why most shots were extremely wide? If you are shooting an action film you want to get as much coverage as you can, sure, but you also want to have the framing as tight as you possibly can.

Lots of fighting through secret Pirate coves and a Governer's henchmen, and the over the top punch sound got a laugh out of me, but it had me looking at my watch when used for the tenth time. I'd also suggest overdubbing completely if your recorded footage plays back any wind sound in future.


I echo the comments made by the other reviewers, this was a good film (quite cheesy,,,,but still clever). The grainy footage made me think of the really early video games when they went from being boring old space invaders to interactive type things. One of my favourites of the night.


this cracked, bordering on incoherent action flick was my pick of the night. fast as hell with some brave stunt work (sweet power slide), great sound effect, terrible Irish accent (this is not a negative) and lots of action. as has been said the camera and sound work is a little off, but who cares about stuff like that?
this was a ton of fun, keep making movies guys!


really dug this homage to cheesy 80s action films. Loved the sound effects and the story.

Unfortunately a few editing errors really detracted from what was otherwise a very good film.

Keep it up guys, I look forward to seeing your future work.


It was a good effort, but what seems funny to you and your friends can fall a little flat in front of an audience, I'm guessing the constant use of one sound effect was funny.

The stunts were entertaining, and the whole thing was action packed and energetic.

In future pay a bit more attention to the edit, some of the cuts were really jarring.