'My Tender Mistress' by Puzzles and Pie Productions

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My Tender Mistress
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You guys had awesome sound and a solid story, love the props (especially the gun), great work.

Only bad thing I can say about this is the acting, which is expected, so i won't even go there.


Was shot alright, sound was great - acting was pretty good. However the story left me feeling a bit meh


Needing a large amount of cash in a short amount of time, Nicky Brick gets desperate in their quest to raise funds to help our their brother who suffers from McGuffin's disease. Luckily with the help of his female accomplice friend they come up with an idea that does seem a bit all too easy in its execution.

Loud clear dialogue, with an emphasis on the first part of that sentence were the order of the day. I know you were trying to play it straight and perhaps crooks don't show much emotion, but I would have appreciated at least a few facial expression changes in the film. Couple of good unintentional laughs though. Very well known local locations don't really lend themselves too well to be disguised as others eg, Vic Uni foyer only ever really passes as Vic Uni foyer in 48 Hours Wellington...


I thought this was pretty good (especially in the context of the night, in that this was the first film off the rack...and this being my first taste of 48Hrs films). The only thing i think could have been a bit better would have been better location choices.


Despite what other reviewers said, I thought the use of Vic Uni's foyer was just preposterous enough to work.

A solid film that had a few acting issues and the script could have used a bit of refinement.

Overall one of the strongest of the heat.


One of two films shot around Vic, although its unfair to say it pulled me out of the film. It is unfortunate because it is hard to find good locations, so I am not going to dock you points for it, but if you have to use a location that is so well known it might be best to work it into your story, public spaces in a university do not look like an office, a computer lab may have been better - but the best option would have been to find an office (plenty at vic) for those two or three shots.

This film was played straight and technically well done I thought the team fell just a little bit short of pulling it off, a little more work on the story would have done wonders, as would be pulling back the drama a tad. But a solid effort all around.

You can teach us a thing or two about getting clear sound.


Technically well done, sound was good, acting was good. Some odd shots here and there, but the locations were well chosen and the story reasonably memorable.