'Love Arktually' by Readers' Wives

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Love Arktually
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Romantic Comedy
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I was warned about this team - and it was one of my favorites of the night.

Loved the gratuitousness of it. This sort of thing is really what the 48 hours is all about!


Came across as a bit of a PSA for practising safe sex, which was funny when I think about it now given that the team did an unrelated PSA as their intro before the start of the film. Twisted as always but with more of a narrative framework than usual from Readers' Wives at least in terms of having a three act structure. Also didn't make me laugh like normal but I still dug it.

We focused on Noah's ark and his ghetto fabulous girlfriend who have domestics. Noah doesn't deal with this too well, and the situation on his boat doesn't get much better when the inhabits are the most raunchy bunch of animals ever known to man. The pressure of his ghetto booty lady means that the opportunity for love with someone else is always there, but in the days before protective sex there is the chance for something to go (horribly) wrong.

Randomly flashing disco floor lights, a Dinosaur DJ and the shots of the ark rollicking through the high seas were visual highlights. Song was sweet too and stuck in my head now "...Got the Hiv"


This film was very cleverly put together....i did see one guy leave the room after about 30secs of footage (including the intro), musta been a PC idiot...I figure if this one doesnt get through to the final as one of the best films then it should be there as one of the sickest (in a shocking the wet pants off the audience kind of way), which i definitely like - a few laughing parents in the back row ought to be reaction enough for the makers of this film.


Quite a disturbed little film with a hilarious mock PSA at the beginning.

Funny, irreverent, slightly offensive and very well made. Surely a contender for the final. I had to detract a point for the awful stereotype of Noah's wife. It was a little bit yuck.


a sustained assault on good taste and decency - ban this sick filth!


This is just the type of madness that we all love from the 48hours. It will be the one that people will remember from the heat and talk about the most.

I got used to the crayon animation quite quickly and could enjoy the thing in all its glory. I picked it as one of my favorites last night.

It was a triumph in what it tried to create, however as far as the genre goes I wouldn't exactly call it a romantic comedy - rather just a comedy, or even more specifically a series of jokes. I'll pull back some points because of non compliance to the genre, but overall the sort of stuff that the 48hours is made for.

Keep it up.


Quite a clever film, though at times a tad too graphic for my liking, but it was animated well and had a suitable message at the end. It is certainly one of the ones I remember best from the night.


I will never be able to look at animated films such as this in the same way again. Constantly thought it couldn't get worse and then BAM. In the spirit of v48 Hours this movie was memorable, and despite the crude humour, well animated. However, the story plot could be seen as slightly controversial. Voicing was well done.


From people I discussed it with afterwards this was definitely one of those films that people either loved or hated! Very offensive but very funny at the same time!

Absolutely fantastic animation work for 48hours! I can't even imagine how stressful it would be to complete that in time. A no brainer for the Best Animation award!

I actually loved that it was a PSA for safe sex and the original song was amazing. Voice work was superb too!

Adam - Colonial Tech