'Lift Off' by Sexy Viking Robots

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Lift Off
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Found Footage
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I liked when the girl pissed her pants at the end, good use of required element.


Pretty good for found footage. Too bad they found an iphone though and not something better.

Had to toss up between this one and teh arc one for my 3rd pick


Or, how to crack as many jokes as you can in an elevator with a focus on one character hating the profession of another which is given reasoning in an over the top reveal.

Shot at trademe HQ, we get 4 unlikely adversaries stuck in the lift when the power goes out because a bus crashed into a big green transformer (Those bloody Decepticons...). The group dynamics work well as our lead has decided to document his daily adventures on film, with the stressed out smoker in particular giving a memorable performance. Little bit too slick for the genre but lots of laughs.


One of my favourite films of the night - i think the other reviewers have used all the compliments necessary and i fully endorse them. I also thought the janitor was a cutey :-)


This was technically well done, and a good use of found footage (although I don't think the footage was really found, rather shot and then presumably uploaded to youtube).

Unfortunately it descended into one of those films that turns out to be just one gag running into another.

Thought the acting was good as was the production, would like to see what this team can do with a genre that doesn't lead itself so well to gags running one after the other with a very slim story holding them together.


Nice job guys! It was was technically good and acting was better than most in the heat. I thought the use of the leaf was quite funny. It was like a funny version of Devil.