'Cortina' by rubbery monsters

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One Shot
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Drum and Bass Mexican Night sounds like a hoot. You can tell you guys loved making those ads on the radio, they made me laugh, reminiscent of Lips106. I liked how the film didn't try to fill out the entire 7 minutes.


Dug this film, was a tad short - but good concept. I guess you didn't have the car moving because you couldn't make a heist film with a car needing a kick start.

Did very well for such a simple premise and shooting style.


Tracking up a car we get to a man sitting poised at the wheel in Wellington city. What seems to be a bouqet of flowers in the passenger seat gives the audience a sense of anticipation and the radio announcements break up the flow nicely.

Excellent lighting and appropriate soundtrack, this was a good example of a largely static shot doing the genre well. It doesn't HAVE to be 7 minutes, people!


Although this film didn't go for the entire 7 minutes, it felt like it could have been cut even shorter. A cool little story when we eventually got to it and a nice use of the 'one shot' but the minute or so of fairly unentertaining radio bits at the start drags it down


Intriguing concept, however I thought the radio ads weren't funny enough to hold the film.

If it had been one to two minutes, this would have beena much stronger film.


This was very slick, the slow motion was a tad out of place, but otherwise you nailed the genres.

It was a nice build up and punch line, but it did leave me wanting a little more, the radio announcer was a little over the top.

Anyway nice lighting (one of the benefits of one shot is I guess setup time), acting, and overall production.