'Boxed Away' by Scriptease

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Boxed Away
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Fantasy Adventure
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Good premise, and pretty well executed - I dug the cardboard props. I would though invest in some lights, the scenes in the dark were pretty hard to sit through.

Boy was that box looking ratty towards the end!


Narnia-lite with a box full of memories being used as a transportation device to magical worlds; a couple in fact with one having an Alice in Wonderland flavour and the other more medieval. The cardboard sword fights were well done and the tea party ala Alice was particularly warped.

As a family make a move, the young boy must rifle through his collection of childhood memories one last time as they pack up boxes...

I just felt the film needed a bit of work on its narrative. I was trying to make head and tails of the rainbow flag and whether this film was trying to be metaphorical but decided to just go along for the ride through the box as the film was more or less an ode to coming of age.


I admit when i saw we were going to have a film of this genre to watch i figured that this might be when i take 5 and have a smoke break. Im glad i didnt as this was one of my favourites of the night, i liked how each segment of time travel was symbolised by an item, and great use of the box. This had me laughing at some parts (which is good as some peoples fantasy type things are boring).


Thought this was pretty good - I was really worried that the tea cup scene would stretch on and on and on, but it didn't.

Overall I thought it worked quite well, it just felt a little rushed.


Interesting tale about a boy's journey of self-discovery.

Really enjoyed the tea party scene. Other than that it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. It ride the middle ground.


I really, really liked this film!! Fantasy adventure seems like a really hard genre, but I this was just great! I really liked the big reveal at the end with young Nicky, wasn't tooooooo sure how Nicky was unlucky and the first fantasy scene seemed a little too close to Alice and Wonderland for my liking, but overall really great! :D