'Cutting Shapes' by In Tents

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Cutting Shapes
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Fantasy Adventure
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This had potential to go somewhere but then it finished. I loved the artistic quality and tone you created with the set. It reminded me of Heavenly Creatures.


A girl lacks both friends and food in her fridge although I guess salsa, v and microwave food would have been the stable diet for a lot of teams on the 48 Hours weekend. They do not however lack for imagination with photoshopped images of them at landmarks dominating their facebook photos, and also acting as a plot device to get into the fantasy aspect of the genre.

Had a bit of a low budget cardboard cutout Heavenly Creatures vibe. Didn't overstay its welcome as was very short. Could have used a bit more of a narrative, however.


The beginning was a bit off putting but when the soundtrack kicked in I started really getting into the film. the dream sequence was very nostalgic and sweet but I feel the ending was a bit disappointing and overall it was nice but the short was just that, short.


You had an OK concept, a start, and a middle ... but then it stopped. For next time think about doubling the length and work out what each two minute segment is going to be about and where it's going to take the story. You needed a bit of adventure in there somewhere that would have lead to a conclusion.