'Yolo' by Promethean Duck

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One Shot
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Really neat film, after all I am a sucker for cutesy. You pulled off the one shot rather well. The opening and closing credits were really creative! Good job.


What a location! The bookstore was a real gem.
The acting was good quality, with each character clearly established.
A more satisfying ending would have seen the characters exit the shop.
Not an easy genre and well attempted.
The camera bobbled around a bit too much for me.


A one shot film is no easy task, and Promethean Duck managed to make it look rather easy. The perfectly timed barks from the dog (intentional or not) were a nice touch, and the move from outside to the back of the bookstore flowed nicely. While the plot wasn't without flaw, and the ending a little forced, it was definitely one of the best films in Heat 13. I'd love to know how many takes this took.

Can't finish this review without mentioning the nice credits.


What a bizarre coincidence...the second inspirational Wellingotn film of the night called 'Yolo', although this one didn't have to spell out the number of times you live in a life time like the high school team who chose the same name (hint: once).

At a books store a couple of brothers have a discussion about how hard the outisde world is - its so dangerous for unlucky Nicky that he needs to wear a helmet at all times. Of course their daily routine is broken up by a female customer who queries their thoughts on friendship.

Didn't put enough of a positive spin on things for me to really feel inspired. Tough genres but at least this one shot had a nice sense of claustrophobia inside the shop crammed to the rafters with books.


Really nice film with some strong acting, especially from the female lead. Also loved the team intro and for that matter the end credits too.

Pretty bold of this team to actually shoot their film in one shot (instead of using Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’ technique), for the most part they pulled it off. They had a fantastic location, good casting (perfect casting for the female role, she should get a best actress nom) and natural dialogue. Perhaps the only problem, despite it looking great on film, was the location and the difficulties filming within it.

I’d like to know how much time they spent on rehearsing and when the film was shot (guessing Saturday night). I think if they had had more time to rehearse they could’ve gotten the actor/camera movements perfect.