'Pegasus Now' by On The House

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Pegasus Now
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Urban Legend
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PEGASUS NOW by On The House.

Um sorry guys but knowing the far more common use of the word pegging I unfortunately found it hard to take this film seriously. Which is a shame because a couple of the acting performances were really solid. If you were taking the piss out of the real term I commend you but it certainly didn't come across that way on screen.

'Pegging' in this film actually refers to the concept of sticking clothes-pins onto somebody else. Makes me wish that fad had come back as a genre this year as would have fitted will with this film.

Anyway being an Urban Legend the activity is actually a secretive one carried out by a group of friends who have taken the activity over from previous generations and now operate from a Mason-like residence. The only thing is, they need some new blood for an important upcoming activity and so their cleaning delivery is brought into the mix for assymilation.

Lost its sense of structure towards the end but certainly showed some promise.


An entertaining film. However it was somewhat of an anticlimax after your fantastically shot team intro.


Some lovely creepy touches, largely through the acting, were disrupted by a loose edit.

The film needed more care with what was a good idea.


A few good performances from a young cast marred by tech issues and some distracting continuity problems.

I quite liked this film. It had lively acting, a few good laughs and an interesting premise. I liked the freak-out scene and the hazing scene that followed, but because of average sound quality and other problems, I found it hard to connect with it. I wanted to know what was going to happen with the girl he was meant to “peg”, but if my memory serves me, it kind of petered out at the end. Not really sure how Nicky was unlucky in this one either.

Perhaps the crew gets together a few more times this year to make a film. Next year, with the same cast and a more polished crew, they could have a winner.