'Operation: Oak Leaf' by Organised Anarchy

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Operation: Oak Leaf
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Erotic or Superhero
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Great production value. Sadly tech doesn't lend itself to creativity, and that's what makes a great film.


For me a superhero film needs to make better use of the super powers. After a good set up shot from the POV of the hero, we never really find out what he can do.
The camera work was on the shoddy side, with the focus rarely on the subject. At first I thought that this was deliberate to suggest the hero was recovering from eye surgery, but as it went on my mistake was clear (even if the shot wasn't).
I liked the use of the tent, but more needed to be made of the hero.
Perhaps making an erotic thriller would have been a better choice.


Great use of costumes and props, but a plot that left me a little confused. While the protagonist clearly had some sort of super power, I wasn't overly sure what power he had. One moment I think he made someone stab someone else, and then later he seems to stop time to stab a German soldier. The lack of any kind of effects in a short that involved guns and death by bullets was jarring to the immersion.


Anyone else get the impression that this team was going to make a war movie no matter what genre they got? Ok, must have just been me and the other 200 people in the cinema at this heat. It started really promisingly with a bloodsoaked Doctor finishing off an operation for a patient who stares first person at his scalpal. Of course after seeing the film that followed I wasn't surprised that they kind of wanted to showcase their pretty incredible wardrobe of military outfits.

Said superhero becomes basically the key weapon for the allies in the 1930s against German. There were a couple of moments within this film that really seemed to be on the right track in my book; the shaking-face mind concentration for one, as the rest of the action came across a bit as boys and their toys with strong jaws.


Production values: Great.
Story: Very very hard to follow.
Link to genre: Very spurious.
Did I like this film? It was Okay.

I have no idea why the film was called what it was, firstly. Secondly: we never really understand what the protagonists power is. Thirdly, use of the same actors on both sides of a war is confusing- Try putting something over the face of actors that are used repeatedly, or have a few actors on standby in future.


The problem with cranes is when you don’t have one you really want one. The other problem is when you do have one, you tend to overuse it.

This was well shot, had fantastic costumes/props and overall had good production value. Acting was OK, writing also OK, but the story was a little confusing. Up until the bar scene I knew what was going on, then when the credits rolled I couldn’t figure out why the bar scene was important. Another problem was the depiction of the soldier’s powers. I knew from the genre that he was a super-soldier, but his abilities weren’t portrayed well enough (perhaps ran out of time in post?)

All in all a fairly good film, just marred by poor editing/running out of time.