'"Lucky Socks and Cuddly Duckies"' by Pornland Productions

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"Lucky Socks and Cuddly Duckies"
Musical or Dance
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A ballsy effort at a musical which just didn't come off.
The image wasn't of the highest quality, clearly something had gone wrong in the process. It left movement looking gritty.
Writing songs for 48 Hours must be very tough and full credit to them for giving it a bash.
The plot was on the confused side, with a dancing pizza delivery girl somehow entering the fray.
Clearly a lot of fun was had and the team will come back better next year and I'm certain their fingers will be crossed for a different genre.


The team clearly weren't happy about getting the musical/dance genre but they gave it a good try. Bizarre moment of a static image of text scrolling up the screen and a good attempt at trying to write and sing some songs while also trying to add a bit of humour. The dance number at the end felt a little redundant and didn't make much sense to the overall short. The movie ended abruptly as I'm sure the Pornland crew wanted the weekend to end quickly.


I think it's safe to say this team struggled with musical. In fact 'Nicky' states it in the team intro.

It had a few laughs – from the first song, the leaf eating and the mention of Bruce the shark – but otherwise it was a bit hard to watch. Some fairly good singing and dancing from Nicky's friend makes me wonder what could have been. Though slightly awkward, the couple dancing at the end had some chemistry, the story could have been about them.

Well it was a good try. It looked like fun was had, and that's what counts.


I felt your pain in your intro guys. At least you gave it your all with a couple of songs and a dance. Not a lot happened at first as Nicky sang about his morning routine and the bad curry he had the night before. Unfortunately his day goes from bad to worse with a shark attack involved and his friend has to deal with the aftermath.

The Nicky Prick? joke was well done by the pizza girl. Thanks for the effort at least. Hopefully you don't get the genre again. I'd suggest making a dance film if you do though, they're actually a lot of fun to make, not saying that this one wasn't.