'Knee Deep' by Pure Pleasure Productions

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Knee Deep
End of World
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Essentially a home movie that cost them the entrance fee of the competition. Someone clearly wanted to have a good weekend with their family, and I'm sure they did, and they'll have something to show their kids in 10 years time. However, the plot was non-existant and minutes of the film were filled with shots of children playing with playdough. Could have saved themselves some money by just doing this with their kids on any other weekend.


Claymation with a frog, not your everyday end of the world content.
The start seemed more like watching a home movie that a 48 hour entry, but once the frog got going the film picked up.
I really liked the voice overs, some good humour here, but it was largely lost due to the low volume of it.
A nuclear war between Finland and NZ has great comedy value and could have been played for much bigger laughs.


When the end of the world is announced as coming a mother goes to her two children and their playdoh collection for relief. The film rambled a lot until the frog that is created comes to life, just in time for the world to finish.

Good ending shot, the film could have benefited a lot by focusing more on the pending apocalypse or even post apocalypse as this was decent footage. As it stands currently the film is frustrating due to its lack of any real plot.


I will prelude this with a note: I don't doubt you enjoyed your weekend of filming with your family, and I imagine that your kids may enjoy watching this in years to come.

Here is my review.

I'm sorry guys, but I can't give this a good rating. The first shot made me think this film was going to be good and there were some okay moments of claymation with the frog. I also think I got one laugh. But the link to the genre was spurious at best and the slideshow moments were just painful to watch.

A good example of someone who has iMovie and thinks this means they can make a good film.

I'll give you a few suggestions just in case you choose to do v48 next year:
- Don't do the freeze frame moments in the video.
- Do make story a larger part of the film rather than just playing with your kids.
- When making a video about your team, don't use excessively long slow motion moments.


What was with the guy in the intro with the tongue and why oh why did we have to watch that in slow motion?

Not really sure what to say about this. It had a half-arsed attempt at its genre and a sixteenth-arsed attempt at animation. It seemed like this team entered to have a fun weekend with the kids. Then I guess the plan was to go to Reading Cinemas with the kids so they could see themselves on the big screen? Not sure why this wasn’t played in an earlier, less baby-violenty heat, so that the kids could have attended.

Seriously, why the slow motion tongue?