'Fetus 5000' by PuppyGuts

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Fetus 5000
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Found Footage
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Puppy Guts have a reputation and have lived up to it with their latest film.
Genre: Nailed. Production Values: Highest order Acting: Polished
A film that disturbed in a good way, entertained throughout, and got great reactions at every request.
The only thing of that prevented a full star rating was one shot that doubled up.


Obviously these guys had all the tech. The film got lots of reactions from the crowd. It fitted into the vast range of found footage films that focus on similar horror scenarios, so a bit on the generic side. All in all a pretty sweet film.


What a location! Reminded me of the nuclear factory at the beginning of trash Italian zombie classic Hell of the Living Dead. We followed a tour around the facilities where they make the latest craze, the 'Fetus 500'. The key elements of the product being highlighted with some scripting/comedic timing that was outstanding in particular our tour guide. Where do you get the finest specimens for injecting pregnant women? Watch the film and find out :)

Of course what's a tour without a demonstration, right? Luckily there are specimens close at hand who are ready to give birth with the help of the F5K. 200 litres of injected fluid and a flying demonic spawn baby follow with a couple of jaw dropping moments. Again, do have to reiterate that it was a good idea for the pregnant Wellington judge not to come to the heat...

The battle between the demonic spawn and the scientists/progression of the footage as the situation disintegrated was excellently done I thought. Given what it was the production values were almost perfect, with just the one repeat shot dragging things down ever so slightly.


Fantastic Film.

Only thing that stopped a full star rating was the repeated shot in the middle. Otherwise, as we traveled home we were raving about this short.

Fantastically hilarious use of the required line of dialogue, although I thought your use of a leaf was slightly non-existent.


Found footage can be such a hard genre to pick, especially with all the expected clichés that can often work against the film-makers. These guys really picked this idea up and run with it.

This film is highly entertaining; the actors were spot on (and hilarious) in their roles, the cuts and static breaks in the footage was well utilised and they used their setting brilliantly.


Great film. A fun parody of the found-footage genre. Excellent production value and a good performance from the lead actor. The editing glitch was a shame and puppet strings were visible in a few shots. If not for those foibles it would be a near-perfect film.


Fantastic fantasy, from the beginning the camera is as much a part of the cast as the actors, excellent found-footage genre application. Plot is belevable and well prtrayed, the required phrase fits in perfectly, and the use of the leaves in the final scene make the wait to see if they'd missed it rather tense.
I'll have to watch it again to relax and forget checking against the rules - they did their job perfectly as far as I'm concerned.


I do love a good Found Footage film and you guys were FANTASTIC! Perfect use of the genre. Extremely creepy villain/fetus that had me on the edge of my seat! (I actually think the string in some of the shots adds to the film haha)

Loved the use of the horror clichés too!

Adam - Colonial Tech