'BRICK' by Oh no a forest in an otter

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Loved the start of this short and thought we were going to be in for a treat. The second the two sat on the couch together the charm was lost. That's not to say I didn't laugh at the pivotal comedic moments, but the acting and effects were distractions to what was going on. That was one small baby. I almost wanted to see the two try and bargain for the $5000 with the dead baby.


I liked the set up and there were some good comedy moments, but the whole film just didn't gel for me.
I nearly peed when the top of the Watties bottle was spotted squirting the 'blood'.


A great buddy film mixing it up with the crime genre. Got some laughs and the contrast between the mock crime and real crime was great. The ending tied up a bad-taste plot quite pleasantly.

The team could have better production value, but who has the money, I know I don't! It brings it back to the homegrown roots of the competition.


Thanks for the quotes in the intro guys, you're free to use what I say for your films any time hehe. On to the film which showed a more restrained hand in terms of developing a plot this year, before the usual gonzo incredibly strange action kicked in. Probably lucky the pregnant Wellington judge wasn't here tonight as the baby kidnapping and dropping was pretty twisted.

Taking an infant is easy money right? And whoever has their newborn removed from their care should be happy to pay to get their beloved back right? Probably a good plan, if only it all doesn't get ahem bloody messy when Nicky Brick is in the mix and not exactly a lucky Irishman.

The ransom note was quirky and impressive moustache was impressive. Mean-spirited and there were moments that could have had some more script development (the criminal buddies had good chemisry for example), but enjoyable again at least for me.


So dodge, so very very dodgy. Why doesn't anyone think of the children?

From the moment the audience finds out the baby's name is Nicky Brick, we know what will happen. We don't want it to happen - and especially not onscreen - but it does. It has some good black laughs served by a can't-be-stuffed cast, which is actually a good thing. Pretty good production value, including some sweet credits, but offset by the horrible story that I (kind of) want to un-know.

I think these guys made exactly the film they wanted to make, and they don't care what anyone else thinks. I know there's an 'Oh no a forest in a small-furry-animal' film from last year in the screening room - because I hate myself I will probably watch that too.