'A Bullet for my Bro' by Part-time Ninjas

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A Bullet for my Bro
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Romantic Comedy
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A Hutt Valley Bromance. Rom-com with two guys was always a tough challenge, but they produced some good moments which made the audience chuckle on more than one occasion.
The sound was a main issue here, with wind causing havoc in the microphone and the balance between music and dialogue lost on a few occasions.
The editing was pretty basic really, the film could have been a lot tighter.
The effects towards the end add good comedy value to the film.


This must have been a fun production for the brothers involved. Lots of smirks to be seen during shots, and the cheese and humour was always flowing. Some nice cheesy special effects near the end rounded off this rather creative interpretation of the rom-com genre (which the brothers must have LOVED to have picked on Friday night).


Ah the bromance, what you make when you get Rom-Com and you only have your brother for a team mate.

Things started off quite well, as it became obvious that they were making this film Waititi-style, and it benefitted from it. The jokes were good - especially the tentative first touch - and well paced. But then it began to drag (I have to admit my mind wandered a bit) and I started to want it to end. By that point the (b)romance had gone too.

These guys - all two of them - didn't show up to the heat. Which is disappointing, because if they had made it a little snappier and kept to the genre, it would've been a film to stand up and be proud of.


This Wainui-based team didn't come to their screening. Boo-urns.

Anyway I must admit that I was a teency bit excited we might get a bit of a DEADLY PREY homage as a couple of newly acquainted renegade soldiers went off into the woods, but my excitement was relatively quickly scuppered by this team of brothers.

The film took an absolute age to get going, as they were trying to form a bond with dialogue and montage, but the connection between the two was strange. Bit of a tough one to get given that you're family, so I'd pretty high recommend having a girl or 2 on standby in future just in case, hey?

The funny bad effects and action once they finally got to fighting bad guys saved this from falling into complete mediocrity...so it gets 2/10 instead of 1/10. I'd also try and get more coverage, there's only so many medium to long range shots of two guys standing talking that is watchable before the action gets tedious.


Feel sorry for you guys for the genre you got, but seriously, not showing up to your screening? really?

Your creative use of your limited actors was well done. You did a good job of pulling off rom-com with only male actors, but the production values really let this film down. An external microphone for your camera is a must for next year. Also, try to mix your music lower next time as some of the dialogue was completely lost in the music.

Your team shows some promise. Try again next time.