'The Sunnybrook Diaries' by Ninja Fantail Productions

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The Sunnybrook Diaries
Found Footage
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The start was hilarious--transitioning from very serious titles proclaiming that the footage was found at an asylum and real and then cutting to the cartoony stop motion, which I could imagine was produced in an asylum. It was kind of cute in a disturbing way.


First animation this year? Not sure what's happened as we used to get close to 10 most years in Wellington. Found footage at that which was quite an interesting take on the genre I must say. We focused on the work of a Doctor at a mental asylum, in particular the effects of playing repetitive children's music for hours on ends to patients who were already at least a bit unstable.

Short and sweet this didn't overstay its welcome by any stretch of the imagination. I liked where it cut off as open-ended is probably the perfect way to resolve a film in this genre.


LoFi Nightmare before Christmas meets Blairwitch Project. Good little animated film featuring a cracked little song. One of the better films of the heat.


I really enjoyed this film. Good to see animation, and the whole concept of the kids listening to that music over hours and hours. Awesome:) Well done.


Oh my. Very black humour, and a lot of crazy ass scary dolls at the end. The children's music used to drive the inmates insane was very creepy.


my mates from the last year.. team of four people... cool what you did with those jokes & characters...

though.. but why why you want to kill those characters always with not much character development.. was a bit too straight forward with no catch :-) guess you went for the 48hours charm and I think it paid off a little..

could have been something more easily.. like why say human flesh.. you could have easily put your own concept there..

ending overall let me down that was tried to be covered with cheesy reporting..

good try on animation.. but could have nailed it's genre & elements a bit better..