'The Dragons are Coming' by Not Too Shabby

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The Dragons are Coming
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Fantasy Adventure
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Dude breaks a sculpture, so dragons are going to come (with a note of doom). The dude has 2 hours and 13 minutes to fix it. It was basically fun. I really liked the line about the uncle being a wizard ... at this kind of thing. The tattoos on the Dragoons were good and creepy. And there was some pretty good acting. And the use of the leaf at the end was brilliant!


Having broken a statue, our Nicky Brick has cancelled the force field holding the dragon's back from attacking Earth, and so he only has a couple of hours to make things right. With a lack of superglue and some powers that be actually wanting the mythical creatures to arrive, however, it is quite a quest that our Nicky Brick goes on.

Only this quest was more urban Wellington than magical, with supermarkets and petrol stations replacing castles/caves. The showdown in the school hall was cheesy and entertaining and I'm guessing the team may not have had access to much fantasy adventure costuming or effects? Meandered a little and could have done with an attempt to at least show a little bit of magic on-screen.


Some classic kiwi deadpan acting and some good jokes made this a fun watch and the plot made sense (even if it was built on an absurd premise). What more can you ask for? I loved the understated performance of the 'kind-of-like-a-wizard' uncle character and the final line from the mother was a crack up. The idea that everything hinged on fixing an ornament with super glue was funny. I liked that there was secret dragon-society; the tattoos were a nice touch. For me the film was one of the better ones in the heat at pulling off intentional jokes. With some technical polish, this team could make some great films.


I really enjoyed this film, loved Nicky's dead-pan acting. Enjoyed the jokes, and the secret dragon society, and the fight scene at the end :) won't spoil the ending for people, but it was brilliant. Well done guys!


Didn't mean to post twice, there was an error while posting. Sorry about that. Good film, so sweet as :)


This one looked like the team were a little bit phased by the fantasy genre, and making do with what they had in an urban environment. Full props for going for it. I found the pacing a little slow, though.


If Murray from FOTC ever directed a feature New Zealand fantasy film this would be it. No special effects, just a straight forward script and some good deadpan acting. Nice.


I liked this. It definitely grew on me over the however many minutes it ran. It just had a good feel and didn't take itself too seriously.


"Our hero mistakingly shatters an ancient artifact that protects the Earth from the coming of the Dragons. Instrusted with its remnants, he must journey to find the man who can aid him in restoring this artifact, before it's too late..."

A great hero narrative, told with some dry 'matter of fact' performances from our lead, this adventure tale was great fun to watch. I'd say that the production values on this piece needed a little more polish, however I felt the story's progression, and wonderful acting approach from their supporting cast (loved the Wizard... at these sort of things fella!) drove the story home to a satisfactory ending.

Not too shabby indeed! I can't wait to see what works your team gets up to in the future!